Being a water-baby runs in my family.  As long as I'm near water, I'm happy. But there's something about the beach and hearing the surf that's almost magical.  A walk on the beach can erase any stress that life throws at me.  It's my happy place.  Unfortunately, I can't always be at the beach, so I started creating affordable sea-inspired jewelry that allowed me to always carry that feeling with me.  Tough day at the office?  Just touching a butterfly shell necklace provides a sense of tranquility that I get from walking along the beach:  I'm still working on getting the same exercise and Vitamin D benefit ;-)


All the shells, sharks' teeth, driftwood, and seaweed used in the unique handmade items I create were found on the beaches of Manasota Key, Florida along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  All of the other components used are purchased from local and/or small businesses in the USA, and with a few exceptions, most components are also made in the USA.  

One of the most satisfying aspects, yet hardest to convey on a website, is customizing an item for someone.  Whether it's a piece of jewelry that needs to match a specific outfit for a special occasion, or deep-etching personalized wine glasses for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, it's an honor to be involved in the collaborative and creative process of making a unique keepsake that will be treasured.