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Being a water-baby runs in my family.  As long as I'm near water, I'm happy.  There's something about the beach and hearing the surf that's almost magical.  A walk on the beach can erase any stress that life throws at me.  It's my happy place.  Unfortunately, I can't always be at the beach, so I started designing affordable creations inspired by the sea that allowed me to remember that feeling of tranquility.  I start my day with the sunrise and coffee from my personalized beach mug.  I have a resin lazy susan embedded with real sand, shells, and sharks' teeth from the beach on my kitchen table.  And when I've had a tough day at work, just touching a coquina (butterfly) shell necklace provides a sense of serenity that I get from walking along the beach: I'm still working on getting the same exercise and Vitamin D benefit ;-)


All the shells, sharks' teeth, driftwood, and seaweed used in the unique handmade items I create were found along the beaches of Manasota Key, Florida on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  All of the other components used are purchased from local and/or small businesses in the USA, and with a few exceptions, most components are also made in the USA.  

One of the most satisfying aspects, yet hardest to convey on a website, is customizing an item for someone.  Whether it's a piece of jewelry that needs to match a specific outfit for a special occasion (such as a wedding), or deep-etching personalized wine glasses for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, it's an honor to be involved in the collaborative and creative process of making a unique keepsake that will be treasured.

We believe strongly in protecting our environment and giving back to our community, which is why we donate a portion of the sales from our Sea Turtle Magnets to the Coastal Wildlife Club, Inc (A local non-profit raising awareness of coastal southwest Florida wildlife. This does not imply endorsement by CWC); and a portion of the sales of our Hot Pink Mermaid Tail Earrings and Sand Dollar Heart Magnets to Dollars for Mammograms (Their mission is to provide no-cost mammograms to area women who cannot afford the cost).  And if anyone is interested in learning more about habitat restoration, please check out the resources from Three Forks Preserve - although this specific preserve is in Indiana, the same general plan they follow will work almost anywhere.  Most states will have resources specific to your area for identifying native and invasive species and things you can do to help. 


As always, thank you for supporting small businesses, our communities, and our planet.  

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