2020: The Year of Sea Change

We all handle change differently. Some handle it better than others. Some, not so much. My husband will tell you that I'm a creature of habit. I think he may use slightly different language, but I have to admit, he's right - I'm predictable. This pandemic pretty much threw whatever routine I had out the window (without even bothering to open the window first, so you know it was messy!). Since restaurants were initially closed, I did what most people did - I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. Which meant that we also spent a lot of time eating; 'cause, it's there, right? Certainly not going to let it go to waste - though it did go to the other waist, but that's another story...

The beaches were also closed, so I couldn't go to my happy place (ack!). So, I did the next best thing - I went into my studio and created items that reminded me of the beach. Somehow, the time spent cooking (and eating, did I mention eating? there was a lot of eating going on) ended up influencing what I was crafting in the studio. The beach lazy susan now holds the condiments for our meals, and the serving tray does a great job carrying wine and cheese out to the lanai - because 'Rumours' have it, every pandemic needs wine ;-).

So, sit back, have a glass, embrace change, and stay safe!

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