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4 Things to "Avoid" with Resin Jewelry

Most of us know how to take care of the common types of jewelry: silver, gold, gemstones, etc. However, when it comes to resin jewelry, there's more of a deer-in-the-headlights type of reaction. Well, have no fear, there are a few easy things you can do to help prolong the life of your resin jewelry.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to say that jewelry is supposed to be worn and enjoyed, so rather than tell you things that you need to avoid, I would rather suggest that you limit exposing your resin jewelry to them. I mean, if you were to literally avoid these things, you might never be able to wear your resin jewelry, and I personally think that sort of defeats the purpose of having jewelry.

So, here are 4 things that you might want to be aware of when wearing your resin jewelry:

  1. Sunlight. Store your resin jewelry in a dark place when you're not wearing it. I'm not talking about the basement, I'm just saying that you shouldn't leave it out some place where the sun is shining directly on it. Epoxy resins tend to yellow after repeated exposure to UV light. It it occurs, yellowing is more noticeable with clear and white colored resins. Some of the high-end resins available have been formulated to resist yellowing.

  2. Heat. Depending on the brand, most epoxy resins have a heat resistance around 100-130 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that above these temperatures, the resin may soften and deform, transforming your jewelry into something unintended. So, if you live in Florida, like I do, there may be some days when the outside temps encourage you to leave your resin jewelry at home. And you definitely do NOT want to leave any resin pieces in your car! As with UV protection, there are some high heat epoxy resins that are specially formulated to withstand temperatures around 500 F (but I still wouldn't leave them in the car).

  3. Abrasive/Sharp Objects. Anything that can scratch the surface can damage the resin. To prevent scratches, keep your resin jewelry away from rough, sharp, or jagged objects. This means no throwing your resin piece into the bottom of your jewelry box, leaving it to fend for itself against every other piece of jewelry you own. Storing the resin in a fabric pouch will help prevent it from being knocked into other pieces of jewelry every time you dig through your box. Please note that some cloths can also be abrasive, so check to make sure it's not before using it to store or clean your resin jewelry. Scratches give the resin a white, cloudy appearance.

  4. Chemicals. While most of us try to avoid chemicals in general, we tend to forget that things such as perfume, lotions, and hair spray all contain chemicals. Try to remember to put your jewelry on AFTER applying these products, and take it off before swimming. Be especially careful around acetone - it doesn't play nicely with resin.

Limiting exposure to these things will help extend the life of your resin jewelry, giving you years of enjoyment!

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