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6 Decorating Ideas for a Beach Themed Dinner Table

Summer is finally here and everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the weather and the company of friends. If you're planning on having a beach themed dinner at your place, you don't have to live on a beach to enjoy the coastal vibe - you can replicate the mood with these 6 easy decorating ideas:

1. Use napkins, table runners, or table cloth in coastal colors, such as, aquas, teals, blues, whites, creams, sands, and/or corals.

2. Use wine glasses etched with nautical images, or add sea-themed wine charms to regular wine glasses.

3. Add beach themed napkin rings to regular napkins, or just place a large shell over the napkin.

4. Add sea glass to a vase with flowers.

5. When the sun sets, create soft light with an etched sea-themed wine bottle with fairy lights.

6. Add beach themed coasters to the table.

Just a few small accents can transform your summer dining experience from ordinary to beachy! Let the entertaining begin!

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