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Birth of a Sea Turtle Magnet

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Running a business means that there are always papers on my desk. Especially papers I refer to often: contacts (business, not lenses), shipping rates, To Do lists, the Serenity Prayer, wine of the month club, etc – you know, all the essential info a small business owner needs at their fingertips...

We live in Florida and are blessed with weather that allows us to have the windows open for a few days out of the year. After wrestling my weekly To Do list out of the dog’s mouth – he so kindly chased it down after it blew off my desk for the 6th time in an hour – I decided I needed a new approach. A quick trip to the local office supply store and I had a magnetic whiteboard. Yippee! Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of the magnets they offered - when I’m staring off into space every morning before my coffee kicks in, I want to be looking at something that reminds me of my happy place: the beach. Soooo, I started playing around with my resin and lo and behold, a sea turtle magnet embedded with a genuine seashell or fossilized shark tooth was hatched.

These sea turtle magnets also look great on the fridge, whether they’re holding up your resident little artist’s creations or a shopping list (so a certain someone can write down that we need chocolate after he did a midnight raid on my secret stash…). And if for some odd reason, we don’t actually have anything that needs to be on the fridge, the sea turtle magnets fit in quite nicely with our beach themed décor. I love it when something looks nice AND serves a purpose :-).

Our set of 3 sea turtle magnets currently come in 4 different colors, but other colors are available upon request, because, hey, who doesn’t love items that match our décor? The magnets are embedded with genuine shells or sharks’ teeth from beaches located on the Gulf coast of Florida. These sea turtle magnets also make great gifts for any occasion – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, National Sea Turtle Day, National Teacher Day, Christmas, birthdays, and as hostess gifts.

Get your sea turtle magnets on our website today!

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