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Butterfly or Angel Wings?

The first necklace I made is still probably one of my favorites, and the design is one of the more popular ones among the shell necklaces. Apparently I'm not the only one facinated by coquina shells, which are also known as "butterfly shells" because of the way they look when their shells are open. When worn as earrings, they really do look like butterflies in flight! I love that they come in so many different colors and are reversible when embedded in clear resin. What's your favorite coquina shell color?

One of my designs was inspired by my mom, who once told me that the coquina shells were angel wings. I always think of her whenever I make my shell angel necklaces.

All of the shells and sharks' teeth used in our jewelry designs are real and were found along the beaches of Florida's Gulf coast. No two are exactly alike, which is why so many of our items are listed as one-of-a-kind. We do the best we can to match items as closely as possible when making pairs of earrings, but we can only provide what nature gifted us. But then again, isn't the uniqueness of nature one of the things that's so attractive about real shell and shark tooth jewelry?

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