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Smile, it's Shark Week!

Most of us have an interesting relationship with sharks. Although just the mention of the word “shark” can cause our heart rate to zoom through the roof, especially if we’re in the water at the time, we also can’t seem to get enough of watching them, as evidenced by the popularity of the long-running Discovery channel Shark Week program. I personally know quite a few people who refuse to go into the water because of fear of sharks, even though sharks have a lot more to fear from humans than we do from them. According to, if you live in Florida, the odds of being attacked by a shark are about 1 in 2.5 billion. You have a better chance of winning the lottery, and we all know how often that happens!

So, why are sharks so scary? One word: JAWS… Ok, so maybe it isn’t actually the jaws, but what’s in those jaws that terrify us (the poster for the movie is forever etched in my mind!). All those sharp, very pointy teeth. Row, upon row of teeth. As the big ones in the front fall out, the ones in back move up to take their place. Which is probably why you’ve never seen a toothless shark. According to, some sharks may go through over 30,000 teeth during their lifetime. No wonder there are so many fossilized shark teeth on the beaches in Florida!

The connection between people and sharks has been going on for centuries. Sailors used to carry or wear shark teeth around their necks as a talisman for protection from the sea, and many surfers/divers wear some sort of jewelry with a shark tooth for good luck and protection against drowning or shark attacks.

You don’t have to be a sailor or a surfer to make a fashion statement wearing a piece of shark tooth jewelry. Whether it’s an understated genuine fossilized shark tooth choker that’s perfect to wear every day, or a stunning hanging pendant choker, you’re sure to be protected on your next trip to the beach or a night out on the town (‘cause, you know there are land sharks, right? ;-)

So, go ahead and celebrate our connection with sharks by getting your own authentic shark tooth handmade jewelry from Seaside Serenity Creations LLC today!

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