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Wear Your Family Tree!

One of the most cherished gifts for families, especially mothers, is a piece of jewelry that contains birthstones of family members. According to the American Gemstone Society and Gem Select, the following are the gemstones associated with each month and their meaning:

Month Birthstone Meaning

January Garnet Friendship

February Amethyst Protection

March Aquamarine Serenity

April Diamond Love

May Emerald Growth

June Pearl Purity

July Ruby Courage

August Peridot Positivity

September Sapphire Truth

October Opal Loyalty

November Topaz Affection

December Tanzanite Compassion

Our latest design is a “Family Tree” embellished with crystals and pearls from Swarovski (trademark), and would make a perfect keepsake for all the moms in your life! Order yours today!

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