Who's Ready For Ice Cream?!

I know summer doesn't officially start until June, but when you live in Florida, does it really make a difference? And what is synonymous with summer? ICE CREAM!!! Of course, I'm a firm believer that ice cream is appropriate any time of year (must be the Wisconsin blood in me), but I must confess that it tastes especially good after a day in the sun. On our way home after being at the beach, my husband recently surprised me with a trip to Swirls N Curls Ice Cream in Englewood, FL. Oh my! There were so many choices that it was a good thing their window was in the shade, otherwise my husband probably would have gotten heat stroke waiting for me to make a decision on what to get. I'm guessing that our pup, Taz, will be thrilled to learn that they even have treats for doggies on the menu board.

My husband went with the Peanut Butter Fudge cone, and judging by how fast his disappeared, I'd say he was pretty happy with his choice :-)

After narrowing my choices down to 3, I finally picked a double scoop Caramel Caribou waffle cone. I was definitely not disappointed in my decision - it was a creamy treat of deliciousness. I'd show you a picture, but someone ate it...

Since I know I'll need to try all their different flavors, it's probably pretty convenient that Swirls N Curls Ice Cream is also located across the street from the Artopia Gallery and Studio where we display our handmade sea inspired jewelry and etched glass. Based on the proximity, I foresee a need for increased exercise in my future.

Comment on what your favorite flavor of ice cream is and which one I should try next.

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