Let your mind wander back to the beach when you listen to the gentle sounds of these genuine calico scallop shell wind chimes.  The pen and calico scallop shells used in these handmade wind chimes were found on the beaches of Manasota Key, Florida.  




Genuine Calico Scallop Shell Wind Chimes

  • These natural pen and calico scallop shells have been coated in resin to give them additional strength. The shells are strung with 50 pound monofilament and the hanger is 100 pound leader monofilament.  The distance from the top of the pen shell to the bottom of the wind chime is approximately 10 inches.  The pen shell is approximately 3.5 inches long.

    Because we are using genuine shells provided by nature, no two shells are the same and therefore, each wind chime is considered a unique item.  Made in USA.

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