Add some whimsy to your office, kitchen, workshop, or wherever you can use a magnet.  These adorable sea turtle magnets have a genuine shell or fossilized shark tooth embedded in each one.  The shells and shark teeth were all collected from the beaches along the Gulf coast of Florida.   Each set comes with 3 sea turtle magnets in the single color of your choice.   


Use these sea turtle magnets to proudly display your budding Michaelangelo's latest artwork on your refrigerator. Or post your shopping list so you don't get home from the grocery store to discover you forgot to get milk because your husband drank the last of it and neglected to tell you... The sea turtle magnets also look great on an office or classroom whiteboard - just because you are at work doesn't mean you can't have a little piece of the beach to look at.


These make great gifts - get a set for yourself and one as a gift for a fellow beach-lover.  They are also great gifts for: Christmas, Valentine's Day, graduation, wedding showers, wedding favors, birthdays, hostess, housewarming, baby showers, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, first day of college, gifts for her, thank you gifts, etc.  Heck, as cute as these little sea turtle magnets are, you don't even need a holiday!


Custom colors are available if there is a specific decor you are trying to complement.  The process of creating each set of 3 magnets starts once an order is received, and takes approximately 4 days.   If there is a specific shell-tooth/color combo you are interested in, please contact me at either: or 941-313-3337.


Sea Turtle Magnets (set of 3)

  • Each sea turtle measures approximately 1.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide by .25 inches tall.  

    Each magnet is poured with a clear layer of resin with the shell, cured for at least 12 hours, followed by another pour of a layer of colored resin.  After the second layer cures at least 12 hours, a strong magnet is attached with resin (each magnet holds around 8 sheets of paper).  Once that has cured, the sea turtle magnets are ready to ship to their new home.  

    Please note that the photos are for reference only - each magnet will have a unique genuine seashell embedded in it.  No two will be exactly the same.  

    Important things to know about resin:

    1.   Resin is sensitive to UV exposure.  Even though I use a highly UV-resistant resin, direct exposure to UV should be avoided.  Sea turtles don't like to lay out in the sun.  They'd much rather hang out where it's shady.

    2.  Resin is sensitive to heat exposure.  I use a temperature resistant resin; however, leaving your sea turtles in the direct sun or a car when it's hot outside could cause them to   deform.  Please be kind to your sea turtles and keep them inside to prevent heat stroke. 


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